It’s All About The Style

The trick here is to make two different styles meet somewhere in the middle. Luc prefers everything black, ultra modern, masculine and IT enabled with the latest technology. Elisa prefers a lot of bright light, white, hints of pastels, scandinavian cosy and functional.

The things in common are: we both don’t like clutter and we both prefer a modern urban style.

The first compromise came when deciding the colour scheme of the interior: Luc likes black, Elisa likes white. Voila! Black & White! ...Or White & Black? It’s harder than it seems.

We decided that the main colour will be white (on the walls and ceilings) and black will be a constant accent throughout the house (window frames, door knobs, accent tiles in the bathroom, floating shelves, worktops etc.)

We’ve tried to make a mood board and itemise everything we’d like to have in each room to see if they go together, but it is very difficult when the house is a work in progress and we don’t even have a floor to put things side by side and see the result.

For now it’s all in our heads and we hope it works. Any tips, ideas, advice are welcome! πŸ˜ƒ