Master Bedroom & Walk-In Closet Plans

The idea for our walk-in-closet is to install a black metal frame window in a partition wall which will separate the walk-in from our bedroom and allow for the light to flow through the entire room.

It will also leave the closet totally exposed which (I really hope) will push us to keep things tidier than ever. Let’s see how that works out in the long run! πŸ˜ƒ

For the black metal frame window and a sliding door in the same style to be placed between the living room and the office room, we’ve reached out to GewoonGers in Rotterdam. A young and fresh brand that offers fully tailor-made products and assists you along the way to help you find the perfect fitting.

This is the plan so far in 2D and 3D which we've created by ourselves on, another powerful tool I toally recommend to anyone trying to plan renovations or changes in their house and want to visualise the result.

2D Idea 3D rendering

We planned the closet with the Ikea Pax Planner online, a very useful tool. And as all other Ikea online planners, at the end you can download the list of all the products you used to create your solution, ready to buy with prices. Brilliant!

There was one small problem though, Ikea has discontinued their 45° angle corner piece. We definitely don’t like the 90° sharp solution they offer now. Thankfully, someone was selling an old corner piece on Marktplaats in perfect condition, so we secured ourselves the piece.

Hang in there with us to see how this project will come to live. Also, feel free to share your own ideas or thoughts about this in the comments.