Seeking The (Right) Light

The building works include a complete makeover of the electricity layout in the whole apartment. We had to choose the quantity and position of power plugs and sockets in each room. At first, it seemed like anything could be possible but we soon hit some limitations.

By changing the layout of the rooms (for example moving the kitchen to the living room), the light fixtures in the ceiling became unaligned with the center of the room in the new setup. And the light fixtures in the ceiling cannot be moved.

The available options I could think of are:
Cable duct on the ceiling (I personally hate it).

Swag lamp (plausible but I don’t like the untidy feeling of the hanging cables).

A ceiling amp with extendable arm.

The last option was the one I think better suits the style we are trying to go for. And I fell in love (if that’s possible) with the Pluma pendant light by Estiluz, a Spanish family run business which designs and crafts beautiful lamps.

So this is the current situation in our apartment. The idea is for the dinning table to be centered and framed by the opening from the hallway to the living room.

As you can see in the photo, the light fixture on the ceiling does not allow for a classic hanging lamp to fall above the dining table if I want it to be centered to the frame (or as centered a possible).

We’ve just ordered the Pluma by Estiluz and can’t wait to see the before and after results! Check out our blog in the coming weeks to find out.


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