So What Is The Plan?

The apartment is literally a blank page where we can write anything we want. There are some constraints (for example, bearing walls that can’t be removed obviously), but overall the options are infinite.

How many bedrooms?

Our apartment has 3 potential bedrooms, while Luc and I need only one and we aren’t planning children any time soon, the question was what to make of the other 2 rooms.

For this we thought of the things that make up our weekly routines, what do we spend the most time doing? Definitely working and meeting friends & family are the top two.

We both lived abroad for a long time and have friends and family spread in different countries and different cities in the Netherlands. So, we want to be able to host anyone coming over to visit and make sure they feel cosy and at home right away. That is why we chose the second most spacious room to be a guest bedroom.

The smaller room will become a space where we can work from home, take phone calls, isolate to study, read a book or play video games.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The biggest part of this renovation is to move the kitchen to its new location. The kitchen is the most important room in any home because it is the center of your day-to-day living. Family and guests often gather in the kitchen to socialise, eat, and cook together. The old location in a lonely room secluded from the living area was definitely not fit for purpose. Instead, that narrow space with water connection readily available is perfect for a laundry and utility room.

The new kitchen will be part of an open space with the rest of the living room, it will have a spacious kitchen island with seating, positioned in the direction of the light and will even feature a wine cooler!

The intention for our kitchen & living room area is to become a bonding area for our home and for our friends and family too.

Expanding the Bathroom and the Butterfly Effect

The apartment comes with a small WC and a separate bathroom. We are keeping both but we want to expand the bathroom and install an additional WC in there too.

You can see in the image that we gain some space using the entrance to the office-to-be room as part of the bathroom. And this is where the butterfly effect starts: by doing this, we lose the door to enter that room so we planned to create a new door in the living room. 
The pain is that we can’t just cut out the door because it is a bearing wall (ouch!). Difficult but not impossible, we’ve already had an engineer inspect the place and tell us, based on his calculations, the exact size and position the door must be to keep the building’s safety. 
We are now waiting for municipality approval of the plans as well as making sure the homeowners association of the building is informed.


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