The Laundry & Utility Room

As we explained in this post, we are going to move the kitchen to the main living room area to create an open space for bonding and socialising.

So, what are we going to do with the “old” kitchen room? We’ve decided that we can use the water connections already in place and transform this space into a laundry and utility room.

Also, since this room is next to the main entrance door, we thought it would be nice to also have a closet in here to store jackets and coats.

At the moment, there is a built-in storage closet that we will demolish to gain space for a stand-alone closet instead.

This is what the room looked like when we bought the apartment.

And this is what it should become:

This room will be 100% Ikea furnished. I used the Ikea Online Planners to create this 3D plan. I fully recommend these planners for anyone trying to create their own designs, they are available for kitchens, livingrooms, wardrobes, etc. And in the end you can download the product list (with prices) and place the order online. How easy is that!

The flooring and wall tiles in this room will be the same as in the bathroom and WC (both for consistency and for cost saving reasons). The floor and wall tiles we chose are from CTC Tiles, dark grey 50x50cm matte stone tiles for the floor and 30x60cm glossy white tiles on the walls. For a fun touch, we will top the wall off with a strip of small hexagonal tiles in black by Terratinta.

So, this is the plan for this project. Stay tuned to find out how all this ‘on paper’ planning will turn out in real life!