Another Week Bites The Dust

Another week is over and, although it was a short one, the guys from Klussenbedrijf Chuckie kept working their magic!
The structure of the bathroom is almost finished (check the mini video). On the other side of the wall, where the office room will be, we got the door frames for the storage cabinets.

View from the Office Room 06/05/2020

We also got the divider wall in the master bedroom for the walk-in closet, and it already has the placeholder for the black aluminium window that will be installed. You can check the plans for the master bedroom in this post.
This week we've also changed direction on the lighting plans for this room. While we were thinking about a central lamp in the middle of the ceiling, our good friend Jazmin Schenone (who's an industrial designer and a very cool person regardless of any titles!) gave us the idea to change our focus from the center of the room to the sides instead, and to play with cove lighting, led strips and indirect light. We are really looking forward to seeing the results in real life.

Master Bedroom as of 08/05/2020

All the door frames were replaced and the doors raised in height, as well as the entrance to our living room and kitchen.

Before After

Next week we will make some noise because it is time to remove the old kitchen and move the water connections to the new location in the open space. Unfortunately, this cannot be done without some drilling and hammering. We will also make use of the service lift to get some rubbles out and make space for the bathroom delivery expected on Wednesday (we'll use the service lift to bring that up too).

For now, let's enjoy the weekend and the warmer temperatures. 😎


  1. Hi Elisa and Luc. Good to see you are already making progress. Especially like the action video. Although 7 seconds and one of the key players MIA. Nice to see that step by step end results come closer. And also important this is the ultimate relation stress test. After this you will survive anything. Good luck and have fun
    regards Jack

    1. Hi Jack, Thank you for your comment :) We are looking forward hosting you and your family for a dinner and drinks!


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