Little By Little Becomes A Lot

The building works keep progressing steadily. The new layout is almost ready, all walls that needed to be demolished and rebuilt have been completed, with one exception. We recently got municipal approval to cut a door from the bearing wall in the living room. We still haven't planned time and date but rest assured all neighbours will be notified so they can plan around that moment.

The upgrade to three phase electricity planned last week with Liander could not be completed because they sent the wrong operator to do the job so we're also waiting on updates for that. (After all, we knew that there would be bumps and delays on the way).

The biggest progress of the week is that most of the walls and ceiling have been plastered and have been drying this past weekend.
Also, we are getting the structure ready to place the recessed ceiling spotlights in the entry hallway, the bathroom and the kitchen.

Laundry room (old kitchen)
at the beginning of the week
Laundry room now
Laundry room now

Hallway at the beginning
of the week
Hallway now
Kitchen Area
Bathroom Ceiling

The guest's toilet is now almost ready to be installed.

On Friday Ikea delivered the cabinets and sink for the laundry room and we can't wait to put it all together but we'll have to wait a little longer.
For now, until the next update!


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