So What Happened This Week?

Week 4 is over and a lot of things happened.

On Wednesday we jumped out of bed at 6:00am (ouch!) to welcome the guys from Brugman who delivered our bathroom, including 1.400 kg of floor and wall tiles.
Big Thanks go to the strong team of klussenbedrijf Chuckie who carried it all upstairs! πŸ’ͺ🏻
In the meantime, the old kitchen was removed to make space for the laundry room.

The walls and the ceiling in the living room area got the primer (or voorstrijk) in preparation for painting.

In the bathroom the water pipes and drains are in place, the toilet reservoir was installed and the shower cabin (with a little sitting bench in it) is now fully shaped.
Shower Cabin
WC in master bathroom
Getting ready for the double sink

We've also been looking for floors, we actually found a laminate floor we both like. It was rather difficult to agree on one we both liked so we're keeping this winner.

The question remains about the best soundproofing solution for the underlay. We are actively researching all the options, brands, materials, level of soundproofing and prices. If you have any suggestions or previous experience with this, let us know in the comments. πŸ™πŸ»

Dulcis in fundo, we got a mini video of the current status of the apartment as of today!

For next week we have planned the three-phase electric power update, the delivery of the laundry room furniture by IKEA and continuing the good work done so far by Chuckie. 😁


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