Week 2 Is Up

With some bank holidays in the middle, when everyone rested, the construction work still progressed.
This week the bathroom started to take shape. As we explained in our post about the overall plan, we are going to expand the bathroom until the living room wall and take some space from the office room-to-be.

We have one limitation, we need to build around the main water tubes that serve the whole building (those are pretty important).
We decided to leave the tubes and water meter reader accessible from the office room-to be, so the bathroom will have a sort of L shape.

Back in February we planned our bathroom and WC with Brugman and this is the idea:
The key changes, besides the overall room layout, are that we will add a WC in the main bathroom (no more queues! ☺️), we've created a spacious shower cabin that includes a sitting bench on the left side and we'll move the sink of the small WC to the left wall to be in harmony with the door opening.

And this is how it looks like at the end of week 2.

The wall and door have appeared!
The shower cabin is coming to shape.

Back view from the Office Room (including the water tubes)

The additional WC should be here
Service WC

But the bathroom was not all that was done this week, placeholders for sockets and light switches started to appear where the kitchen should be. And all remaining built-in closets were destroyed in the laundry room-to-be and in the guest bedroom.
Laundry room closets are gone
Kitchen Wall

It is so exciting to see how things start to look the way we planned them!

And in the middle of all this hard work, our people from the building company Klussenbedrijf Chuckie also managed to have some good fun! ☺️

For now, we'll take a break for the long weekend. 
Construction works will resume on Wednesday 6th May with special attention to not start working on anything loud before 10 AM. 
Also, on Fridays the works stop at around 1PM because who doesn't like an early start of the weekend?