The Evolution of a Door

The big highlight of this week was the breaking through the bearing wall to create space for a door. And when I say big, I mean it.
After getting our engineering calculations of the door size and placement approved by the municipality and the owners association (VVE), our people from klussenbedrijf Chuckie outdone themselves once more.

The wall is 20 cm thick of full concrete, cutting through in the safest and most efficient way required a massive machine.


And this is the result so far, with the strong metal beam for support already in place. Of course, it still needs to be plastered and then a sliding door will be installed (but only after the floor will be laid). We'll keep you posted with the progress.

On a positive note, we think that after this all the loud noise and heavy breaking is over. We are really thankful for the patience our neighbours have had these last few weeks. πŸ™
The coming week we're looking forward to lay the bathroom tiles, finish plastering the walls and revamp the interior window sills.


  1. whoo that thing is massive :O. Cool guys! Looking forward for the result!

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